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  • 2 Sided Adhesive

    • Window clings white or clear for application to glass
    • removable adhesive that features an Air Flow Release Liner.
      The Air Flow Release Liner embeds channels into the adhesive
      for easy application onto any surface without bubble or
    • For window decals
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  • 3M IJ180cv3 overlaminated

    High Performance, removable 2 mil cast vinyl film with Controltac™ and Comply™ Comply™ v3 adhesive non-visible air release channels for fast, easy, bubblefree installations Pressure-activated, adhesive for easy sliding, tacking, snap-up and repositioning Conforms to compound curves, corrugations and rivets … Read More
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  • 3M Reflective Vinyl

    • Our best reflective material for parking signs and vehicles
    • Conforms to flat surfaces and simple curves for versatile use
    • Provides excellent visibility and safety in low-light conditions
    • 7-year outdoor durability rating for long-lasting use
    • Ideal for use on vehicles, parking signs, and other outdoor applications
    • Can include custom graphics, text, and branding to get your message across
    • Available in a range of sizes and shapes to fit your unique design needs.
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  • 3M™ HIP Reflective Sheeting Series 3930

    • High Intensity Prismatic reflective sheeting
    • Pressure sensitive, solvent-free adhesive
    • Long term durability up to 10 years
    • Meets ASTM D4956 Type III, IV
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  • Adhesive Canvas

    • Canvas Look
    • Perfect for mounting on ultraboard, PVC, Foamboard
    • Wall Graphics
    • Wall Decals
    • Wall Murals
    • Perfect for most smooth painted interior walls
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  • Alumigraphics Smooth

    • Rugged aluminum foil base material conforms to the texture of the surface its applied to
    • Print direct to the anti-slip surface – NO OVER-LAMINATES
    • Aggressive pressure sensitive adhesive perfectly balances strength and tack
    • Simple peel and stick installation…NO DAMAGING HEAT GUNS!
    • Environmentally friendly – no PVC or hazardous ingredients, dispose with aluminum recycling
    • Made in the USA
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  • Avery MPI 1105+DOL 1360z Overlaminate

    • Premium, removable 2 mil cast vinyl film with slideablility and air release
    • Superior conformability to irregular substrates
    • Air egress technology helps eliminate wrinkles and bubbles
    • RS feature provides slideability allows for easy positioning
    • Long term removable provides permanent adhesion, but removes cleanly
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  • Clear Vinyl Stickers

    • Clear Window Decals are great solution to add quality signage or designs to your windows. Create custom Clear Window Decals. These decals are perfect for adding custom signage to your store-front windows or doors. Add your company logo to your windows or use clear window decals to advertise sales or promotions, or other business information such as operating hours.
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  • Floor Graphics With Anti-Slip Overlaminate

    • 4 mil flexible white vinyl resists tearing and abrasion
    • Removable pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive bonds well to waxed and non-waxed commercial PVC tile, certain ceramic tile, sealed concrete, and linoleum
    • Removability up to 180 days following installation
    • 4.0 mil clear gloss overlaminating vinyl protects the printed graphic and endures heavy foot traffic
    • Permanent overlaminating pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive bonds well to base film surface
    • Adhesive offers excellent clarity and is designed to provide exceptional bond and excellent shear critical for durability under heavy foot traffic
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  • Frosted Printable Vinyl

    • 3 mil flexible polymeric vinyl film
    • Simulates etched glass look
    • Pressure sensitive adhesive, air egress liner
    • Can be applied printed or unprinted
    • Easy dry application for large format graphics
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  • IJ35C Calendered 3 Mil Vinyl With Air Release

    • Premium, calendered 3 mil vinyl film
    • Gray adhesive provides opacity to cover and hide what is underneath
    • Air release technology for faster installation with fewer bubbles and wrinkles
    • Lifespan of 5 years under normal exposure
    • Low initial tack allows for easy repositioning during installation
    • Adhesive builds to a permanent bond within 24 hours
    • Not recommended for use on vehicles.
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  • PanoRama WALK & WALL

    • Floor and Wall Graphic Vinyl – No Lamination Required!
    • Textured, Non-Slip vinyl with dimensionally stable fabric backing & repositionable adhesive
    • Sticks to almost any surface. (tile, concrete, glass, carpet, wood, metal, stone, painted surfaces, etc…)
    • 46.5″ max printable area for cut to shape and 47″ max print for roll to roll
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  • Premium High Tack Vinyl

    • High-performance, 3.5 mil calendered vinyl film
    • Permanent adhesive with high initial tack
    • For long-term graphic applications
    • Hard-to-stick, low-energy plastics with a smooth or slightly textured flat surface
    • Such as kayaks, ATV’s, coolers and porta-johns
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  • Removable Wall Vinyl 6mil

    • Premium, 6.0 mil white matte semi-rigid calendared vinyl film
    • Tiling with 0.5″ overlap over 52″ wide piece
    • Temporary application of graphics to most types of painted interior walls and windows
    • Removable design makes it a versatile solution for temporary signage and graphics
    • Perfect for creating temporary wall graphics or promotional signs
    • Can be applied to most types of painted interior walls and windows
    • Available in a range of sizes to fit your unique needs.
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  • Thick 6mil Vinyl W/Permanent Adhesive

    • Made from a durable vinyl material for long-lasting use
    • Ideal for a range of indoor and outdoor applications, including outdoor signage, trade show displays, and point-of-purchase displays
    • Can include custom graphics, text, and branding
    • Available in a range of sizes and shapes to fit your unique design needs.
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  • Vinyl With Dry Erase Overlaminate

    • Made from a high-quality vinyl material for added durability
    • Permanent adhesive on a smooth paper liner
    • Can be used on a variety of surfaces, including paper, cardboard, metal, PVC, corrugated materials, and more
    • Ideal for producing general purpose graphics, decals, and unprinted substrates for use with dry erase pens
    • For best results, use chisel point dry erase markers from brands like AveryMarks-a-lot®, Expo Scents®, Expo Bold color®, and Expo regular®
    • Available in a range of sizes and shapes to fit your unique design needs.
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  • Window Perf

    • High-quality vinyl material for added durability
    • Unique perforated design allows for graphics to be visible from the outside while still allowing for light to pass through from the inside
    • Perfect for use in a range of applications, including storefront signage, vehicle window graphics, and more
    • 50/50 perforation pattern provides a balance of both visibility and privacy
    • Easy to install and available in a range of sizes and shapes to fit your unique design needs.
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  • Window Static Clings

    • Static clings white or clear for temporary application to glass
    • Non-adhesive film clings to glass with static
    • For window decals, temporary product markings, point of purchase displays and protective masking
    • Available in white or clear
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